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Gura Portitei beach, a fairytale place, far away from the urban chaos and the obscene dialogues from the exasperating traffic is a good choice for those who wish to spend quiet days and those who always like to feel the sand under their feet.



The reservation of pelicans Periteasa - Leahova – Portita. Very important natural reservation due to the specific flora and fauna.  This area offers an optimal space for many rare birds nesting, being also the place where we can found the largest colony of white pelicans in Europe.


Enisala fortress The ruins of Yeni-Sale medieval fortress (Enisala, Heracleea or Heraclia) are 2 km east of Enisala village and 7 km from Babadag city, on a the limestone hill, which dominates like an eagle nest the area of Razelm and Babadag lakes. Enisala fortress is one of the military architecture monuments from Romania, build in the Middle Ages, which distinguish itself through its planimetric design, system of fortifications, construction techniques and architectural elements. The fortress was built in the second part of the 14th century by an authority who aimed to the Danubes area. Based on the construction techniques, it is believed that the Genoese merchants were the only interested to build such a fortress, located in the system of fortification from the north part of Doborgea, towards the sea, in order to watch the traffic of the ships. These merchants had large amounts of money gained from trading activities and owned the monopole of navigation on the Black Sea.


Orgame/Argamum Greek-Roman fortress is the first urban fortress in Romania, mentioned in an ancient source; Hecateu from Milet wrote about the existence of the Orgame, a Milesian colony, at the middle of the 7th century BC. After the conquest of Dobrogea by the Romans, these will call it Argamum. The ruins of the Greek fortress are another touristic destination, part of the ports build by the Greeks at the Black Sea, like Calatis, Tomis and Histria. Toghether with Bisericuţa Island, located at a few kilometers distance before it, in the waters of Razelm lake, it could be one of the touristic attractions of the Northern Dobrogea tourism, due also to the original landscape that surrounds it. Argamum is the first Romanian fortress mentioned in an ancient source (Hekataios Milesius) with a long existence. The main basilica has a rectangular shape, separated into three naves by three rows of columns. The walls were built of stone combined with mortar. The apse of the building is semicircular inside and polygonal on the outside. Later, on the southern side of the basilica, three rooms and baptisterium were added. The researches have shown that the entire complex overlaps another century basilica from the 5th century, partially uncovered and investigated.

Cape Dolosman is represented by the Eastern part of Dolosman headland and includes the ruins of the Greek-Roman fortress Orgame – Argamum and the abrupt slope of the cliff from its extremity. Cape Dolosman is a limestone sea wall which covers 3 km distance, maximum height of 29 m and is the only rocky cliff from the Romanian seaside.