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Danube Delta

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The Danube Delta is the largest reservation of wetlands in Europe covering an area of 2.681sqm. In 1990 UNESCO included in the biosphere reservations the Danube Delta, the newest landform in Romania, a place protected from the "progress of industrialization".

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Danube Delta offers you the possibility to perform a wide range of leisure activities and sports: fishing, haunting, bird watching and sailing.
Gura Portitei beach is only 15 minutes away from Anastasia Guest House (by boat)

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NEW!- Sport Fishing

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Come with your friends to a fishing game! Our friend, Leonard from "Lunca 3", invites you to a memorable sport fishing game on one of the two pools (a carp pool and a pike pool).
Preferential rates for the guests of Anastasia house

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Accommodation Anastasia House

Anastasia guest house is the ideal place to spend your holidays, your week-end or to have just a fishing or haunting game in the Danube Delta.

The accommodation structure is divided in 6 double rooms with matrimonial bed and own bathroom. You also have access to one of the two fully equipped kitchens.

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Jurilovca was founded by the Lipovans at the beginning of the 19th century; the first documentary attestation is from 1826. Although at its beginnings it was a small village, the settlement grew and become, at the end of 19th century, an important fishing center in Danube Delta area. Nowadays it has the biggest community of fishermen in Danube Delta area, a fish collecting and processing center as well as a tourist attraction point.
The Lipovans are Russians by ethnicity and Old Believers Orthodox by confession (staroveri). This confession is the result of the Nikonian Reform. In 1652, Nikon, the Patriarch of Russian Orthodox Church….



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